Selena Gomez spotted in Oxford

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I know that the buzz around Selena Gomez lately has been about her new clothing line as well as her love life, but there have been some rumors about her going to college and not to any college but the university of Oxford in the UK. This is obviously a big piece of news and although most people are mostly talking about her going to Justin Bieber’s next birthday I am really interested in whether or not she’s really going to go to this college or not. For more reasons than I can count it’s great that she’s going to such an amazing school and I honestly can’t think of a thing that makes her moving to London that more plausible. The agent of Selena doesn’t offer any real info about her and I have to say that there were more things coming from him about her new clothing line, which is actually quite normal when you think of it, because her business is still in first place. Selena has never been more in need of being separated from the nightlife non stop going out on concerts type of lifestyle, so I admire this thing that she’s doing and I’m actually not even going to think about her new performances at all, but just concentrate on how good she’s always been with us as fans and think about her for once. The reason why I admire this is because I personally believe that education is one of the more important things in life and as Selena only studied until she was 18 (using a private tutor for her while she was on stage) I’d say that she deserves getting some education like the rest of us do and although we don’t get the things that she does like fancy life, house, cars and other stuff, she should be getting the things such as education in Oxford because of all the joy she’s given us. In the university of Oxford there are some really great clean practices that state that you do not have to be there during the whole year, so she would be able to go there and enjoy herself on the other time and from what I’ve heard at least from the rumors that are spreading out there – she’s definitely going to get some great quality in Oxford. Their bachelor and masters programs are great because they offer her a chance to become something else once she’s not an actress/singer any more and for this you can’t put a price tag. Actually there is a price tag for the paid education in Oxford and it’s a high one, but I doubt it that she would really care about this price tag as we all know how much she makes on her tours around the world. I can only imagine how difficult the life of a person as young as Selena could be when you have to stretch yourself to so many things and just be on top of everything. There are tons of things that she’s doing like tours and making movies, so getting her bachelors and masters degree is going to be hard without a doubt. The fact that she’s getting it from the University of Oxford is just another thing that would make her life that much harder.

Selena is a fighter though without a doubt and I am sure that she’ll make it in this like she does in everything else she takes on. She’s a brave young girl with tons of talent and this is going to be a great addition to her CV!


university of oxford for selena

The University where Selena is going

So if this is true, I can only  wish her luck and a great college life. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it and enjoy the attention from others as well!

Is Selena Gomez dating Austin Mahone

Selena Gomez has been in and out of love with Justin Bieber for far too long and now that everything is over, we’re hoping that she’ll stop caring about him as I’ve never liked him and go on with her life. She might not be as popular as he was, but in reality she definitely deserves better and now the rumors are that she’s dating Austin Mahone. He’s a great friend of Taylor Swift and she’s the one who’s thought to be the reason behind these two dating. We’re not really sure whether or not it’s true so far, because no one has denied it or said that it’s true so far and none of these two young stars have came out and said anything to the world so far, but we’re pretty sure that we will find out about if they are having a love affair or not sooner rather than later. There are some pictures of them leaked around the web already and as I’m pretty convinced that this guy would be better for her than Justin Bieber I have nothing less than happiness in my heart for them too. Austin seems like the young guy that isn’t yet covered in all this star glory and shiny life and I believe that he’ll be able to make Selena become a better person herself.

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift isn’t a fan of Justin Bieber. And actually according to a new report, she’s not just pushing Selena to move on — she’s pushing her to date again, and even set her up with Austin Mahone!

From what we’ve found out so far about Austin – more specifically the taughts of Taylor Swift about him he’s humble and genuine and I believe that this is exactly what Selena would need to get her life and more specifically love life back together. There are lots of reasons why me and many other fans of Selena didn’t like Justin and with his recent outbreaks and awful behavior the list of reasons not to like him has only grown larger. He’s basically a douche bag who doesn’t really deserve the attention of a lovely girl like Sisi and hopefully she already realized that. There are a couple of things that make me believe that she’s planning on moving on as according to the info we got from this carpet cleaning company she’s moving to London. Though it’s not the source you would really want to trust, sometimes even the smallest hints could be the ones hiding the truth.

As far as Austin we don’t really know much about him, except for the fact that he’s a young kid from the United States who has a few friends in the movie and music industry such as Taylor Swift and if this is any indication on how good of a person he is, the odds wouldn’t really be that good, but he has been reported to be a great guy and on their date with Selena in 2013 he was really nice to her.

Here are a few pictures on them two from back in 2013 in June. There aren’t many recent photos of them two, but we’ve heard and read on a bunch of websites that they might be hitting it off.

selena dating austin mahone

Selena dating Austin

Selena is releasing a new fashion line in 2014

Selena Gomez is no stranger to fashion as all of her fans know and although she hasn’t shown any of her passion about creating and making clothes so far, this year she’s planning to do so. Although she hasn’t been involved as much as we’d like her to be in the fashion industry, the truth is that she’s on it now and her first collection is going to be done along with world household names like Adidas and the clothing line is going to be called NEO. The designs are all going to incorporate her one of a kind unique style and fun, flirty looks and if her success with every other endevour she’s had so far is going to help us expect how successful this adidas clothing line is going to be, it’s going to be amazing as well. We’ve always supported Selena in her choices because so far there haven’t been many things that she’s done which haven’t been instantly successful and I’m really sure that this is just going to be the next great one.

This is a quick preview of how her new collection is going to look and I actually can’t wait to see what it is going to offer. For the people who can’t wait to see her clothing line the official Adidas stores are probably the best thing you could try for the find any of the clothes, but there should be places where you can get them as well, such as for example or a bunch of other clothing chains around the US, Asia and the UK.  There are a total of 28 pieces of clothing for this line and we still don’t really know what they will be like, but there are a bunch of t-shirts, jeans and even a couple of skirts. Some accessories, shoes that are sport and casual at the same time are produced as well and I’m surely buying at least a couple of them myself. So far I do not have any links to the clothes or any of the stores from which you could get them, but I will make sure to update you with anything that pops out. For now we will only have to wait and see what happens, but what are you going to do.

The collection is mostly prepared for the Spring and although there isn’t any real official feedback on the clothes from people who have used them as Spring is not here yet, this is what the people from Adidas had to say about it.

“We don’t know how Sel has the time to take on so much work, but we are glad she does because we love this collection! We think that Selena did a really good job at making sure that the pieces can be mixed and matched and work as separates, as well as making sure that there is something for everyone, regardless of your personal style.”

As for the whereabouts of Selena right now, I don Hidalgo, Texas at 03/08 or the 8th of March which is in about 15 days.

You could find tickets on her official website and as usual for more info about her and if you are just getting to know her, you could check either her website or simply follow this link for her wiki page 

Selena Gomez is in London again!

Hey everybody, I’ve just found the dates on which Selena Gomez is going to be in London for her annual world tour this year – 2014. Her schedule is set and shows the dates on which she’ll be attending the concert she’s having in London and there are actually two dates in which she’ll be performing. She’s actually performing in Hammersmith – in the Apolo concert hall and she’ll be there on both dates – the sixth of September as well as the 7th of September as well and I honestly can’t wait for her London concerts this year. Her performance there last year was amazing and therefore I’m really expecting her to be on top of her performance this year.

There have been some rumors saying that she actually bought a property in the area close to the concert hall in the borough of Fulham and Hammersmith or somewhere close to the down town of London, but not exactly in the center of the city. Just a couple of months ago in December we actually had some information from a carpet cleaning company in London claiming to have cleaned a property for her as the realty agent that hired them told the cleaners that this is going to be the London place of the famous US celebrity Selena Gomez, but these rumors are yet to be either acknowledged or simply denied by her.

selena gomez's house

Selena Gomez’s house

She might be fed up with the life in the US and as we all know the UK is one of the more sophisticated countries in the world, so this could mean that she’ll be moving there or something like that. The fact that she only has two dates in the UK set on her tour for her London audience is a bit of a set off for for her UK fans as well as it makes this rumor a bit unrealistic, but who knows. After all there have been plenty of stars moving to different countries around the world and Selena Gomez might be just the next one. Albeit she’s been keeping her love life and her personal life pretty hidden, things such as this company and realty agents like this one are always going to slip and spill some rumors for us to talk about and hopefully we’ll find out the reality behind this soon enough.

At least we can hope that her performance in London this year will be worthy to succeed her performance of last year. Here are a couple of pictures from last year’s performance below:

selena gomez performing in London

Selena Gomez in London

And just another one for the people who want to treat their eyes with some more of Selena

Selena on stage performing in London

Selena Gomez performs in London

I am really eager to find out what she’ll be up to this year and although some of the things that she has been doing lately have been a bit weird, a move to London or the UK in general won’t really be the worst thing to happen. After all she has fans all over the world, but the paparazzi in London are definitely not as annoying and pushy as the ones in the US and for a young celebrity star like herself this is going to be nice. This being said, there are things such as her acting career which will probably be harmed by this and I don’t really believe that she’ll make such a life changing decision at such a young age. After all she still has so much stuff to achieve in her career, that I do not believe that this would be one of her short-term plans.

Let me know what you think in the comments down below please.

The Selena Gomez Chile Website is here!

Hey everybody,

After a little time being really busy with other things we finally decided to run the fan site again and this is really pumping for me as the owner of the website. It’s been a pleasure to contact all the fans of Selena here and make new friendships around her with you. This time I decided to start things a little differently and make the website a little bit more different, making it international and posting in English. I know that some of you might not like it and I might lose some of the loyal audience of the site and as unfortunate this is, it is for the better. I know that most people in Chile know English so I’m hoping that we won’t lose a lot of the people, but that’s a sacrifice that we’ll have to make to get the site to the next level. I’m currently working with a couple of companies from Bulgaria which are really good in marketing their products and they have told me that they’ll help around while we set up the website in the beginning. For now I’ll try to update everyone as much as possible about what Selena’s up to and how her tour is going, if she’s still with Justin etc. but all contribution from everyone who’s looking to publish some content on my website would be greatly appreciated and after a careful review it will be published too.

For now I’m going to leave you with a picture of our beautiful girl so that you can see one of the many reasons why you are a fan of hers

Selena Gomes on a yacht

Selena Gomes

For many years she has been able to produce great content such as music and after her first movie about the college girls that get into Tijuana and start taking drugs and stuff, she has taken her career to a whole new level. I am personally really proud of her and believe that she’s one of the greatest starts of our generation and although I’m not the biggest fan of the movie Frat Girls

The movie wasn’t that great in my opinion, but I wouldn’t judge her by her first appearance on the big screen as she’s new at this and although the movie was not rated that good, it wasn’t such a bad performance from her. As far as it comes to the performance of James Franco and the rest of the crew and the overall plot twist, they were under my expectations for almost every single paragraph. I’d say that I’d rate this movie with probably 6 out of 10 stars just because Selena was starring in it.

Anyway I watched it just a few days ago, because I couldn’t watch it in the cinema as my city just doesn’t have the movie on at all, so it was a bit of a problem for me to get it while it was being screened and also there was a shortage of DVDs here so I couldn’t get a DVD rented either. As most of you know there isn’t a Netflix service down here in Chile either so what can I say, there wasn’t much of a choice anyway.

Anyway this is all from me so far, I’ll keep this Selena Gomez blog up and running and I’m hoping for a great 2014, now after the official reboot!